Academy Student Council

Academy council logo 2023 05The WA Academy Student Council is made up of elected student representatives from each year level.  The Council meets weekly with members of the school Senior Leadership Team and other staff members to discuss a wide range of topics that are all related to the student experience at WA.

The WA Academy Council provides valuable input to inform decision making at WA.  This area of our website is a place for the Council to share updates about its activities. 

November 2023 - update

"This week the brand new Council members were welcomed into the Council. Badges were handed out and we took a brand new Council photo with all of our new councillors. We were joined by Dr Wood who spoke to us about what it means to be a council member and then began discussing our first agenda item: the Palestine/Israel conflict. We have begun planning a series of fundraisers for UNICEF to send aid to children who need it most."

What do members of our Academy Council do?

'I usually collect ideas from fellow students..."

"As the chairperson for the upper years on the council,  I make sure the meetings are effective and organized I do this by creating an agenda for each meeting and using this to lead discussions.  If there is a specific problem that needs to be addressed, I can invite staff members to our meetings to discuss the problem at hand. The agenda usually contains any changes we could make to the school in order to improve the working environment for the students at Westminster Academy. I usually collect ideas from fellow students in sixth form and then use these ideas to begin the meeting's discussions to make sure that everyone's voices are heard."

- Maryam, Senior Council President


"Making sure the council runs smoothly..."

Council aes1

"As the junior Secretary my job is to handle all of the admin that comes along with the council. I work on the meeting minutes, documenting the discussions and what needs to be done eg. inviting members of staff. My focus is on making sure that the council runs smoothly in and out of meetings. I respond to emails and general queries anybody may have. Another important part of my role is filling in for the chairperson when they are absent."

- Adam, Junior Council Secretary


"The communicating link between students and members of staff..."

Council mr1"My job, being part of the student council, is to be the communicating link between students and members of staff in our school. Students come to me with suggestions and questions and I make sure to bring them up in our weekly meeting, which is during lunch time on Wednesdays. Everyone there brings a different point of view, opinions, and answers to the students' needs, but we all work together to arrive at the best outcome. As I am a part of year twelve, we occasionally work with the year elevens and thirteens separately to the other years to tackle issues more specific to our stage, as we recognise that our problems might be quite contrasting. Since it's my first year at Westminster and I'm still learning a lot, however, being in this position means a lot to me and I am so very honoured to have this chance. I look up to everyone who takes part in the student council and admire all the work that they have and still put into bettering this school. If any of you have any issues or suggestions for us don't be afraid to ask!"

- Myla, Year 12 Council Member

Council 1

  • 02/28/24 Fascinating, thought-provoking discussions today as Principal Paul Wood facilitates a session at the conference on approaches used by schools in response to the expansion and integration of AI in education— Westminster Academy () February 28, 2024
  • 02/27/24 Massive thank you to for organising a fantastic Girls only event over half term. It really allowed our girls to enjoy different aspects of team work and development as an individual.#girlsonly— Westminster Academy Basketball () February 26, 2024
  • 02/27/24 Congratulations to our Year 7 basketball team! Read more— Westminster Academy () February 27, 2024
  • 02/26/24 Massive thank you to for organising a fantastic Girls only event over half term. It really allowed our girls to enjoy different aspects of team work and development as an individual.#girlsonly— Westminster Academy Basketball () February 26, 2024
  • 02/26/24 As part of our Y7 programme, we hosted for a workshop on construction careers. It was a great opportunity for students to gain insight into the industry, challenge the associated stereotypes & explore career avenues. Thank you for such an interesting talk!— Westminster Academy () February 26, 2024
  • 02/22/24 Our young musicians had such a great experience at the Tri-borough Music Hub's Battle of the Bands! We particularly love to see how brings like-minded students from different year groups together. Read more ➡️Read more— Westminster Academy () February 22, 2024
  • 02/20/24 We had some fantastic talks last term. Imperial College London's Dr Parry Hashemi spoke to us about the role serotonin plays in . Students were intrigued to hear all about her fascinating research. Thank you !— Westminster Academy () February 20, 2024
  • 02/15/24 One of this term's highlights was some extremely popular creative writing workshops with author . Our Y9 students came away feeling hugely inspired (and there was a large queue for DD's autograph!). Thank you for encouraging a passion for & !— Westminster Academy () February 15, 2024
  • 02/8/24 What a fantastic opportunity for Y12 students to hear all about from professionals who have direct experience. Thank you to the volunteers and to - it is so valuable to showcase all the exciting pathways that are open to young people Read more— Westminster Academy () February 8, 2024
  • 02/6/24 "Learning about something so profound and sensitive is an amazing opportunity." Our students wrote about their recent workshop 'My Family, The Holocaust & Me' and meeting Bernie Graham & Thank you ➡️Read more— Westminster Academy () February 6, 2024
  • 02/1/24 Great day for our ! 👏 Read more— Westminster Academy () February 1, 2024
  • 02/1/24 Congratulations to the U16 team! 👏 Read more— Westminster Academy () February 1, 2024

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