Academy Student Council

The WA Academy Student Council is made up of elected student representatives from each year level.  The Council meets weekly with members of the school Senior Leadership Team and other staff members to discuss a wide range of topics that are all related to the student experience at WA.

The WA Academy Council provides valuable input to inform decision making at WA.  This area of our website is a place for the Council to share more about its activities. 

What do members of our Academy Council do?

VJ landscape IMG 8774"Organising the Council..."

"Hello, I am the current Student Council Chairman. My goal is to help each and every student see the school change to make a better environment for everyone, so please feel free to ask any of us about what you would like to see changed. My role mostly consists of organising the Council. I enjoy debating so feel this position is great for me and like to think I am resourceful and diligent enough to succeed in my role leading the Council."

- Vishal, Student Council Chairman


Council aes1"Making sure the council runs smoothly..."

"My job is to handle all of the admin that comes along with the Council. I work on the meeting minutes, documenting the discussions and what needs to be done eg. inviting members of staff to meetings. My focus is on making sure that the Council runs smoothly in and out of meetings. I respond to emails and general queries anybody may have. Another important part of my role is filling in for the Chairperson when they are absent."

- Adam, Council Secretary


"The communicating link between students and members of staff..."

"My job, being part of the Student Council, is to be the communicating link between students and members of staff in our school. Students come to me with suggestions and questions and I make sure to bring them up in our weekly meeting, which is on Tuesdays. Everyone there brings a different point of view, opinions, and answers to the students' needs, but we all work together to arrive at the best outcome. As I am a part of the Sixth Form, we occasionally work with the Year 11s, Year 12s and 13s and separately to the other years to tackle issues more specific to our stage, as we recognise that our priorities might be quite different. Since it's my first year at Westminster and I'm still learning a lot, however, being in this position means a lot to me and I am so very honoured to have this chance. I look up to everyone who takes part in the Student Council and admire all the work that they have and still put into bettering this school. If any of you have any issues or suggestions for us don't be afraid to ask!"

- Myla, Council Member

Council 1

  • 06/11/24 Ahead of the UK general election our school is preparing for the WA Big Vote! Why should young people vote? Our students would love to hear from you  - what are your views? — Westminster Academy () June 11, 2024
  • 06/10/24 Year 12 IB students are currently setting up for their Theory of Knowledge (#TOK ) and Service Learning (#IBCP) exhibitions! We are excited to hear them discuss their projects and hear their reflections on their hard work in these areas this year.— Westminster Academy () June 10, 2024
  • 06/6/24 This year we've been delighted to see 85 students sign up for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award! Here are some of our Year 12s enjoying the view on their recent expedition. They will take away valuable skills and wonderful memories— Westminster Academy () June 6, 2024
  • 05/20/24 Thank you so much for a fantastic talk. Students found it extremely engaging, & afterwards one Y12 said the talk has made her consider studying History at uni! So grateful to have top academics support us in exposing students to these exciting pathways. Read more— Westminster Academy () May 20, 2024
  • 05/16/24 Wonderful to see staff share ideas and fascinating research at our annual Professional Learning Community showcase this week. This is our celebration of a year-long inquiry into different areas of professional interest aligned with our WA Way.— Westminster Academy () May 16, 2024
  • 05/13/24 Last week our Hero of the Week (pictured) was recognised for the traits of being a Thinker, Communicator & Caring. Every day in Personal Development she creates a board of revision notes, helping her own revision and that of her Y11 classmates. Well done!— Westminster Academy () May 13, 2024
  • 05/13/24 It’s Mental Health Awareness Week 🎉If you’re needing a little support, here’s who to call ☎️— Mind () May 13, 2024
  • 05/10/24 A huge thank you to Bernie Graham and for joining Year 9 students for their Holocaust workshop this week. The students really enjoyed their thoughtful conversations with you and learning more about individuals affected by the Holocaust— Westminster Academy () May 10, 2024
  • 05/10/24 Great to see alumni engaging with project & embracing associated enrichment opportunities.⬇️Thankyou & Bernie Graham for visiting & making the day so special. Read more— Holocaust Education () May 10, 2024
  • 05/7/24 It is lovely when we see familiar faces return to WA and when we hear what our alumni go on to do after they leave us! Thank you to the former students who took the time to come in and chat to Year 12s for a careers carousel event and thank you Read more— Westminster Academy () May 7, 2024
  • 05/2/24 Basketball coaching and mentoring with our coaches is such an exciting and rewarding programme for our students. We are proud to see them develop and achieve success through opportunities like these, and above all, they have so much fun! Read more— Westminster Academy () May 2, 2024
  • 04/25/24 Our Principal & Vice Principal are currently at the ECIS conference enjoying lots of interesting discussion! Kevin Bartlett's Portrait of a Learner particularly resonates with what we seek to achieve with our own IB-informed 'WA Way'— Westminster Academy () April 25, 2024

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