Business, Academic & Community Links

At Westminster Academy, we aim to help young people follow their chosen future pathways. A wide range of partners support that aim.

Business linksRebel1

Our business partnerships give our students a real sense of life in the modern world of work. They include links with organisations such as Sidley Austin, Unloc, VISA, Construction Youth Trust, Fitzrovia Youth in Action, Rebel Business School, Making tROL5he Leap, HSBC and Mosaic. Those links provide an array of opportunities for students to work closely with highly successful business people, including mentoring programmes and skills workshops.

Academic links

WA's higher education links - including the Imperial College Reach Out Lab, the London Centre for Languages and Culture, and Oxnet - provide opportunities for students to gain unique insights into tertiary education. For example, during 2022-23 there were more than 500 student visits by WA science students to work with Imperial College scientists!  Our students visit universities and colleges in London and beyond to help inform their decisions about the post-secondary pathways.





Community linksParliament1 2023 02

Westminster Academy works with representatives from Westminster City Council, housing, social and youth services, the health service, the police and community organisations such as Paddington Development Trust and Grand Junction to support initiatives focused on improving people’s lives in Westbourne. We also maintain close links with our local MP. 




The Academy’s facilities are available to the local community; more details about our venue hire can be found here.