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Posted on 25 Feb 2021

WA students write to Marcus Rashford MBE

Marcus Rashford MBE has earned many fans off the football pitch through his relentless campaigning for disadvantaged children, and in particular free school meal provision. Before Christmas he announced the launch of his book club, and Year 7 and 8 students took the opportunity to write to him in response to the news. Here are a few extracts from their thoughtful letters.

“My name is Hull, and I am a Year 7 student from Westminster Academy, and I am a big football fan, so it is a pleasure to send this letter to you. I have always enjoyed sports, and you are one of the people I look up to. I am writing to you because I admire you, and you inspire many others to gain confidence in life. You have helped many students with free school meals, which everyone needs because everyone should have equal rights. Also, you have helped me gain confidence to read a lot more recently. When I was younger, my parents would always tell me to read, but I refused to. These days, I have been reading a lot more, and I have nearly completed a 300+ page book.” Hull Partridge

“My school calls you a hero and you’re not only that but a legend at football… Ever since I watched the world cup friendly match between England and Nigeria I have loved football more than ever. I really enjoyed reading your persuasive letter to the government and believe it or not that is the reason I am writing this letter, to tell you how much faith I have in you and belief that you will be able to adjust free school meals for all children.” Jihad Ghanem

“Even though I am a Chelsea fan you are my favorite Manchester United player. Since I heard the good you have done for the world and England I feel like you’re a superhero. If I become a footballer I would try to donate the most I can. The actions you have done have made me so thankful for you. Well done for the free kick against Chelsea, it was a beauty. As we all know this year hasn’t been good, but there has been time to spend with family. In lockdown I have tried to read many books and I am hoping to get your book when it comes out in May. I admire you because you have done so much good for the world and it has inspired me to work even harder in football and try to donate a lot.” Karo Ahmed

“Thank you for not giving up on your dreams because we have been encouraged so much in reading with your help. I know you have never given up on your dreams… and you inspire so many children who need more support and are going through a hard time. Thank you.” Rawya Faris

“In life, many people want to be someone like you. They want to be a footballer, they want to be as famous and successful as you… They also want to be as rich. I admire you because you aren’t that self-centred person. You use what you have learnt to inspire others and you have also inspired me. I am one of those people who wants to be a footballer but off the field, I would like to be someone like you. In the future, I’m excited to read your multi-cultural story. Thank you for being you.” Robert Fitzmaurice

“I am writing this letter to you mostly on behalf of every kid who has ever needed free school meals, every kid who has started reading because of your recent project with MCB, and all Manchester United fans for that penalty against PSG… I admire you for being a youth player who came through the academy, being a BAME player, and how much you have used this platform and fame to support people who had hard upbringings, and support and take part in activism that benefits people. You have inspired me to read because, back when I was younger, Manchester United was one of the main reasons I got into reading, after all of the exciting games I watched and then the books I read about all the stories of the class of ‘92. More recently as well, we talked about your book club, and it reignited my interest in reading again.” Sean Cassidy

“You say reading is an escapism, and I most definitelyMR MBE agree with you because it very much is. You feel like you’re floating, don’t you? It feels as though you’re teleporting into a world that only appears in daydreams… When I write my book I will thank my English teachers, because they really saw my honest capability and they never gave up. English teachers are special, they don’t ever doubt, they don’t ever stop pushing or believing; English teachers are very special.” Tia-Jane Lewis

“You have inspired me to read more because you have made a clear point that most children can't afford books and we are lucky to have this opportunity to spread our imaginations through reading.” Zeena Sajil

(Photo source: M Rashford MBE - Twitter)

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