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Posted on 11 Nov 2021

IBDP Environmental Systems and Societies students investigate habitats at Hyde Park

IMG 6268Last term IB scientists attended three practical sessions at the Lookout in Hyde Park to gain fieldwork skills and collect data for their IBDP Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) Internal Assessments (IA). 

Year 13 students enjoyed the opportunity to take their learning outside and conduct real life research at one of the most famous green spaces in the UK. They used qualitative and quantitative techniques to complete random, systematic and stratified sampling among the variety of habitats at the Lookout. Students learned to plan and execute their own investigations, and to select and evaluate methods and equipment. You can see the variety of fieldwork techniques in the accompanying photos. Ms Cole explained the diverse areas of investigation chosen by students in the group:

  • Diana was looking at different grassland management practices and their impact on biodiversity. She was interested in investigating whether rewilding increases biodiversity. 
  • Lucy was investigating the impact of deforestation on soil health, but taking biotic and abiotic samples around a tree stump and a living tree.
  • Liam was investigating edge effects by looking at the change in lichens as you move into the park from a main road.
  • Dom was investigating the impact of people on grassland biodiversity.
  • Merin was looking at the ability of reeds to moderate pollution, for which she tested water samples.

The Science department looks forward to seeing the IAs progress!


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