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Posted on 02 Dec 2021

Royal Academy of Dance workshops

Last week, the GCSE Dance classes were lucky enough to participate in a guest workshop with the Royal Academy of Dance. A guest instructor came in from the Royal Academy of Dance, and it was a real pleasure meeting her.

We started off with contractions, stretches and then practised some exercises. The first exercise was done on the floor, which helped everyone become more comfortable with each other. The instructor Amy was just lovely: patient and kind. When she corrected us it was always constructive criticism; it made us improve, slow down and try again. Towards the end we learned a combination of the exercises we did at the start and it formed a piece of choreography. It all went so fast, yet I remember the exercises, the steps and the corrections; this opportunity was really interesting and putting all the work together felt satisfying and like I learnt something new.

Amy taught us that Dance is something different for everyone, it feels and seems different for each individual. For some it is considered as a talent, for others it seems like mission impossible, but for many it is practice, persistence and hard work. Dancing is like a very bold statement, you don't believe it until you experience it. Many would not believe how it felt dancing for those two hours in the workshop - it was such a great experience! Thank you to Amy from the Royal Academy of Dance and the Jack Petchey Foundation for a great opportunity.

By M Radenkovic, Year 9


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