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Posted on 26 May 2022

IB Spotlight: Geography

Geography is such a wonderfully unique subject to study as it is one of the only ones that discusses the past, present and future of our world.

Geography is a broad academic discipline which will open up a plethora of options for students in their future especially in the ‘green’ economy/sustainability industry which is the fastest growing employment sector. Employers and universities see geography as a robust academic subject, rich in skills such as enquiry based learning and critical thinking. As the Guardian newspaper also supports, Geography is one of the most employable degrees that young people can study due to the knowledge and transferable skills that geographers gain from their degree studies being highly relevant to, and sought after in the workplace.

As a subject linking the arts and the sciences, it is highly flexible in terms of what students can combine it with for their GCSE and IB options. Geography is a fantastic choice for careers in sustainability and green issues, urban regeneration, energy supply, retail location, finance, insurance and managing the effects of hazards and climate change. If you are thinking of a career in law, human rights, international relations or welfare, then geography gives you the opportunity to consider relevant issues such as; How do we measure development? What are the consequences of migration on societies? 

During their IB Geography study, students have the opportunity to develop their understanding of geophysical hazards and urban environments, whilst being introduced to new topics such as the Geography of Food and Health and Global Interactions. For the core units, students will learn about changing populations; global climate and vulnerability and resource consumption. Geography allows for powerful links with other subject areas, and extra-curricular activities such as: town-planning role play workshops with UrbanPlan; public lectures at the Royal Geographical Society; and fieldwork trips. In addition to this, lots of students choose to complete a Geography extended essay as a part of their IB Diploma. This is because the subject lends itself incredibly well to current affairs, and modern issues such as the global food crisis, migration and geopolitics.

The study of Geography is imperative for sustainability education and the climate change emergency. Students are taught about sustainability and climate change at all key stages, as we believe that it is of utmost importance that students understand their role to invoke change, and improve the future of our planet. This is something our IB students share a real passion for, which demonstrates a key IB Learner Profile trait; Caring. 

Overall, studying Geography is a great choice for those curious about the world around them and for those students who want to make change. Those who have studied IB Geography in the past have gone on to study Medicine, Architecture, Finance, Real-Estate, Politics, Economics, Law and International Relations. 

Ms Taylor, Geography Coordinator

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