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Posted on 30 Nov 2022

Rebel with a Local Cause!

As part of networking with local businesses in North WesRebel2tminster, I had the privilege last night to attend the launch of Rebel Business School at 470 Harrow Road. It was a great opportunity to speak to local businesses and find out how they can help WA Business students to build the world of work into education and eventually start a business in the future. As part of delivering the Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 Business curriculum, it is important for our students to have an awareness and understanding of the world of work and this is best achieved through local businesses and our academy working together in partnership.

Rebel3Rebel Business School is a free business school which helps businesses start and grow and they would be honoured to support our young entrepreneurs at WA by running taster sessions, business workshops and work experience opportunities. So far, they have trained 17,000 people and have had an economic impact of over £18 million. They look forward to working with WA students who are thinking about careers in their sectors and opening their own business in the future. This is an invaluable opportunity for the Humanities department and we look forward to working with Rebel Business School in the future.

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