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Posted on 18 Jan 2024

A Fight for Peace (an Ode to Zephaniah)

We are privileged to share the following poem, written by Johnny Ibuna after his English class reflected on the sad passing of Benjamin Zephaniah.

the radiant rebel, who took life in his stridePrepped classroom sept 2021 img 1832

insurgence made mainstream

revolution, revolutionised

when he said “people need people,”

he never lied.


agent Zephaniah

and his sweat-stained pen,

his shining beacon of purity

and light, aimed at the Empire

and by God, he never missed.


one against a million, a battle of attrition

yet the radiant rebel, who wrote line after line,

would blind those Dire,

fought guns and tyranny

with paper and ink

fought ‘til last breath,

‘til their battleship would sink.


calamitous rage became fervent love

for the passionate peace akin to a dove

peace known ephemeral, mere divine epiphany,

yet he aimed for this battlefield to see

what the heavens sought Earth to be.


agent Zephaniah, the radiant rebel

dire insurgent who took his last breath

in a cruel world nigh-grazed by his

fountain pen

but his legacy will live on


in the end.

Johnny Ibuna, Year 11

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