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Posted on 14 Oct 2021

WA students open the market at the London Stock Exchange!

Five Year 9 students had the unique opportunity to ‘ring the bell’ at the London Stock Exchange to open the market on Wednesday 6th October.

This is a privilege given to only CEOs of new listed companies or the Treasury staff, so WA's presence there was very exciting. Everyone who gets to ‘open the market’ signs a book which goes on display at the Stock Exchange. Tia-Jane was WA's representative and got the opportunity to do this on our behalf - she has made history!

Joori Rasheed, Tia-Jane and Sofia Idbihi had the following reflection: ‘This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us, and we are truly grateful to have had the chance to experience it. This was such a memorable day as we celebrated ‘opening the market’ with a plaque that we can display at WA. The people there were very friendly and welcoming - we learnt a lot about what the stock exchange is and how to invest money in order to increase our income. The careers you select can improve your personal life and have a good influence on you if you know how to spend money properly. We understood that if you operate a business, you must manage your money properly, and finance may indeed be very beneficial, and that one way to get this is to be listed on the London Stock Exchange!

'A funny moment was when we noticed a dish of canapés that didn't look very appetizing, but Miss Cockar convinced us to try one, and it tasted exactly like cake! It was delicious, and by the time we had to leave, we had eaten them all! If we ever have another opportunity like this, we would take it without hesitation!’


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