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Posted on 23 Jun 2022

Year 8's outdoor adventure

20220601 095809During half-term, Year 8 students made the most of their long overdue residential opportunity. Students Hull and Sean tell us more…

On Monday 30 June, 115 Year 8 students including myself embarked on a three-day, two-night long trip to Essex Outdoors Mersea to participate in the residential we missed in Year 7.

The trip included team-building exercises, beach walks, obstacle courses, and competitions that sparked fierce rivalries. Ziplining was one of the most exhilarating activities there, with many (including me) overcoming a fear of heights through many methods, from listening and taking in comforting words from instructors, or forcing our minds to use logic and come to terms with the fact that you are not going to die! Either way, bravery and a positive attitude rewarded you with opportunities and skills that you would remember for the rest of your life. Another unique activity was pioneering. This involved building what was a combination of a ballista and a slingshot using 6 logs, rope, and the knowledge of how to tie a square lashing, another example of a skill I am sure will come in handy, especially in life or death survival situations. Overall, the trip was one that students will, in many ways, remember for their lifetimes.

Sean Cassidy, Year 8

During the half-term holiday, some of our year group (including me) with a number of teachers experienced our residential trip which took place in Mersea, Essex. This residential consisted of us doing different activities from ziplining to archery, and at the end of the trip, we participated in a little competition called It’s A Knockout. But, before we did our activities, we got to know our activity groups and our tent groups. I really enjoyed being in my group because I got to know many new people as well as being with people who I already know. During our free time, we were able to do other things such as taking walks down the beach and some people decided to collect some shells. Also, the food that we were given seemed quite good to me. My favourite meal was probably the noodles that we had for dinner. After dinner, we would have around an hour of free time, and on one of the evenings, some of us had a massive game of football, which was entertaining for many. The first night my tent was filled with spiders and beetles, something I was not used to at all, but by the second/final night, most people were not bothered by the insects. To sum up everything, the residential was enjoyable for most and we will remember this experience for years to come.

Hull Partridge, Year 8 


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