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Posted on 30 Jun 2022

Year 12 CAS students support at day centre

As part of the CAS and Service Learning programme, some of our Year 12s have been volunteering during the weekend at Westbourne Park Day Centre. 
The day centre is open to service users who have dementia and the students have been helping them by interacting with them and carrying out various tasks.  Zara tells us more…

Today was my first day at the day centre for people with dementia and I loved it so much! The staff were really nice and they made me feel so welcomed. I enjoyed how interactive the entire day was, and myself and Khadija even stayed later than our finishing time just to spend time with the elderly people. 

The people who attend the day care were so kind and full of joy. It really made me realise how grateful they are. I met so many amazing individuals. One told me he really liked my teeth and wanted to dance with me; another was so full of life and energy, and another shared his life in Cairo as an artist and singer (he shed some happy tears, it was very heart-warming). One service user explained how she ended up in London, and another, who was deaf, always won the game of dominoes that we played about 100 times in a row - she was a very determined player! 

As soon as I left the centre, I had various moments of reflection and I was so happy with the life that I have. The fact that I can talk to such wonderful people who are elderly and have challenges yet were always so ready to talk made me so happy to even be there. All of the stories I heard from the elderly people gave me the best start to a Saturday morning so I am grateful for this opportunity. I am so thrilled to be able to go back and can't wait to see the group again.

Zara Islam, Year 12

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