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Posted on 14 Jan 2021

Citizenship students join UCL summit to reflect on the world since 9/11

On Thursday 10 December, which is International Human Rights Day, a selected group of Year 10 Citizenship students had the opportunity to attend a student summit run by UCL and the Since 9/11 Charity to learn about 9/11 and how the impact of this incident has shaped our world. We also had a chance to share thoughts about 9/11 and other terrorist attacks and how these horrifying attacks impacted us as members of Islam, Christianity and other groups. 

As part of the event, we had the privilege to listen to Nicky Napier, the widow of Alex Napier, who worked on the top floor of one of the Twin Towers. She spoke about how this cruel incident affected her and their children and more generally about how it changed the United States. 

We also had a chance to hear from world renowned experts such as the UK Lead Commissioner for Countering Extremism, Sara Khan, and historian, Sir Simon Schama. These are experts in their field and they spoke to us about the origins of extremism and some of the causes. Their words were a timely reminder about the importance of international human rights. 

At the end of the summit we had a discussion as students of Westminster Academy about how stereotypes and prejudice have personally affected us. An important conclusion we agreed on was that schools around the world have a responsibility to teach children about how to avoid promoting stereotypes. 

This was an excellent opportunity as global citizens, especially on Human Rights Day. I believe that everyone learnt something different about the causes that contribute to terrorism. I hope we have the opportunity to participate in further opportunities like this and get a chance to listen to, and speak with, people that have experienced hatred because of their colour, religion, nationality, ethnicity. I would really like to thank Mr Nesbitt for this amazing opportunity and hope to have another one.

By Roh Khaled, Year 10

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